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Nonprofit organizations and the people who run them are changemakers who work hard to make the world a better place. Swaim Strategies works along side them as guides, coaches and support to help deliver stunning events that meet and exceed goals.

If you work for a nonprofit organization with a big event coming up on your calendar, Swaim Strategies can assist you and your event in the following three ways:

Assess your current event and identify ways to increase your fundraising potential. The strategic plan provides you the resource and direction to reduce your effort and increase your revenue.

Swaim Strategies will start with the strategic plan but then continue to work along side you to execute your event. Swaim Strategies will manage your team and planning, and are onsite to execute the event so you can spend your time connecting to donors.

Swaim Strategies is here to answer your questions and can work on an hourly basis. Spend a few hours with them and they can advise you on how to troubleshoot challenges and get strategic to reach that next goal.